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High Oleic Sunflower oil from Holla Oils

Holla Oils high oleic oil is the purest sunflower oil available. Due to its high quality, it takes longer before oxidation takes place and finally less harmful substances are released. The oil is very suitable for deep-frying because it can be heated to about 242 degrees without any problems.


Quality of frying oil

To check whether the quality of your frying oil is still in order, you can pay attention to a number of things. It is about smell, color, viscosity, foaming and fumes of the oil.


A rancid odor indicates the presence of breakdown products in the oil. This can be the result of oxidation, a chemical reaction in which fatty acids are broken down by reaction with oxygen. This process is faster at higher temperatures and when product residues are present in the oil.


Good quality oil lasts longer, reducing replacement times.


When in doubt about the quality of cooking oil, you can always check the oil with a special oil tester. High Oleic Sunflower oil from Holla Oils will exceed all your expectations. Our frying oil is the best available oil.


In addition to our own trademark brand Holla Oils, we also produce oil products under our own label.

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