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Benefits of Holla Oils

High Oleic Sunflower Oil.

Pure from the start.

Benefits of Holla Oils: FAQ

Lasts longer

Various tests with customers of our oil have shown that the oxidation and combustion process of the oil takes place much later than with traditional sunflower oil. A long-lasting pure frying oil is the result. This gives you as an entrepreneur a financial advantage in the longer term, but what do you think of the time you save with fewer changeover moments. Gives you more time to pay attention to your customers.
High Oleic frying oil from Holla Oils mainly contains monounsaturated fats. These are broken down at a slow rate, so that the oil lasts longer.

Better for health

High Oleic Sunflower oil is rich in Omega 9 fats. Although these are not essential fats, they are better for health than Omega 6 fats. Omega 9 actively lowers the bad cholesterol LDL and therefore affects our health.
Omega 9 fatty acids are produced by the body itself, but are also found in olive oil and avocados, among other things. They are especially important because they contribute to the production of prostaglandins, which promote healthy cell function, blood composition and hormone balance, among other things.
We see a clear trend in the hospitality industry when it comes to sustainability and health. Customers increasingly expect more in the field of healthy food. Good & fresh products are almost a requirement of the increasingly critical customer. Every small step you take as an entrepreneur in this process is one that your customers will certainly appreciate.


High Oleic Oil is completely GM free, so not genetically manipulated and free of toxins. The oil is extracted through traditional natural cross-pollination. Due to the longer shelf life, the amount of waste oil can be significantly reduced. Because our oil lasts longer, you need to buy less, resulting in fewer replacement times and less waste. All these aspects have a beneficial effect on a more sustainable environment.Our High Oleic Sunflower Oil contains no animal fats and is both Halal and Kosher certified. Our Western diet and consumption has a worrying impact on our climate and therefore the world. More sustainable production, investing in environmentally-friendly equipment, fair consumption and less attention to mass production are steps that we can take as entrepreneurs to treat our world and the environment sparingly.

Our oil

Holla Oils high oleic oil is the purest sunflower oil available. Due to its high quality, it takes longer before oxidation takes place and finally less harmful substances are released. The oil is very suitable for deep-frying because it can be heated to about 225 degrees without any problems.


Quality of frying oil

To check whether the quality of your frying oil is still in order, you can pay attention to a number of things. It is about smell, color, viscosity, foaming and fumes of the oil.


A rancid odor indicates the presence of breakdown products in the oil. This can be the result of oxidation, a chemical reaction in which fatty acids are broken down by reaction with oxygen. This process is faster at higher temperatures and when product residues are present in the oil.


Good quality oil lasts longer, reducing replacement times.


When in doubt about the quality of cooking oil, you can always check the oil with a special oil tester. High Oleic Sunflower oil from Holla Oils will exceed all your expectations. Our frying oil is the best available oil.


You probably know that Omega oils are important for health. Omega 3 and 6 are called essential oils because they cannot be produced by the body itself. We must get these from our diet or from supplements. Omega 9 oils are best for health as they have been shown to lower harmful LDL cholesterol in the body. Omega 3 fatty acid is known for its healthy properties and cannot be made in the body. Omega 6 fatty acid also has healthy properties, but to a limited extent!


Traditional sunflower oil contains a relatively large amount of linoleic acid, also known as Omega 6. Omega 6 is also found in meat and many other foods. We get too much Omega 6 through our diet. Too much Omega 6 detracts from Omega 3 and is therefore bad for your health. Many people have health problems because of the imbalance between Omega 3 and 6. Omega 3 is mainly found in many fish species.


Scientists prefer to see the ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 as 9:4 or rather 1:1. However… in our Western diet, that ratio is more around 15:1. Eat some chicken, egg, a handful of nuts, and you'll be getting more than enough Omega-6. If you also use regular sunflower oil to prepare meals, we unnecessarily burden our body with an 'overdose' of omega 6.


Therefore, consume sunflower oil that is rich in Omega 9 (High Oleic Sunflower Oil) and not in Omega 6 (traditional sunflower oil).

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