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About Us

Holla Oils supplies the best sunflower oil for the catering industry. Our goal is to offer the professional chef the best quality oils and fats, at a fair price. Our technical expertise and unique scientific approach enables us to control every aspect of oil production, from the initial planting of the seeds to the final product. We consider our customers as part of the Holla Oils family.

Being personal from the first contact until the delivery is our asset.


Private label

In addition to our own trademark brand Holla Oils, we also produce oil products under our own label.



We offer a range of packaging options. It can be packed in a 1, 1.8, 3, 5 liter PET bottle, 20 liter can, 10 liter or 15 liter Bag in Box.

Guidance in drawing up the design is also possible.


Please note: A minimum purchase quantity is required for a private label. This depends on the type of product and the type of packaging.

Deep Fry Oil
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